The best combination microwave Samsung EasyView MC28M6055CW/EU

By | 19th March 2019

Combined microwaves can bring you back to nearly 500 euros. So if you get one, this Samsung model, which is currently available for less than $ 200, is a really good choice. Samsung is just as reliable and powerful as Panasonic. According to reports, they tend to get used to something. That’s why I favored Panasonic at the top of this list.

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The problem is that the Samsung EasyView comes with a whole host of additional features: like HotBlast, which shortens cooking times by blowing hot air on your food, which makes the meat crisper; and Slim Fry, where air-cooled crickets are combined to eat fried food without the use of liters of oil (something like a fryer). The blurb also says you can make cakes, pizzas, and even yogurts (there’s a fermentation function), though it’s not clear how well that works.

Overall, this is a high-tech option (with a turntable) that cooks very well (900 W), although this is probably intended for the more adventurous – or for those who do not have an oven / grill.

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