Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Quick Touch Microwave

By | 19th March 2019

With a very simple, uncomplicated look this is a relatively unobtrusive microwave. While the aesthetics are simple, the specifications are anything but. It is a combination microwave with a powerful built-in grill and a crispy pan (finally no more soggy microwave jacket potatoes).

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The Sage uses Inverter technology to cook food consistently, and there are a variety of functions and programs (Pizza ‘A Bit More’) that adds an extra touch of cooking when your food is not ready, and a practical one Baked Beans Setting You will not get rubble everywhere).

However, when I ask the experts, their answer is somewhat subdued. Not because it is not a good device. it’s just like that. But because there are so many functions and probably many of them are left unused.

For £ 300, make sure you want everything it offers. If not, opt for a cheaper microwave.

  • 10 power levels from 10% up to 100%
  • Sensor IQ Reheat and Cook there is no need to enter weight, simply select your food type and press start.
  • Favourite setting allows you to program your own for quick access and consistent results everytime
  • Pre-programmed shortcuts for commonly used tasks such as popcorn, melting chocolate and reheating baked beans
  • A Bit More setting when a little extra cooking time is required

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