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best for keen cooks The Kitchen Wizz Pro by Sage

This food processor has a powerful 2,000 W induction motor, a stacked four-bladed cutting blade and a variable cutting disc with settings from 0.3 mm to 8 mm. It means business. Rather than relying on a standard array, some of Kitchen Wizz Pro’s eight tools have been developed for a specific requirement. So there is… Read More »

Bosch MCM3301BGB MultiTalent 3 Food Processor

Choosing a compact food processor should not compromise on function, and for the 800W MultiTalent 3 this is not necessarily the case. This food processor requires less work space, is relatively light at 3.7 kg and slightly shorter than many models. Nevertheless, he manages to pack seven accessories that offer more than 50 functions, from… Read More »

best for clever design Braun FP5160 Identity

If you want flexibility in preparation and save less than a few others, the 1,000-watt identity is just right for you. Instead of a collection of discs, this food processor has a built-in spindle and five interchangeable inserts that you can drive in and out to grind, cut and shred. Another clever thing is that… Read More »

best value for money Tefal DO824H40 DoubleForce Pro

The 1,000W DoubleWorce Pro is defined to be defined by two outputs and their collection of kits, so you’re wondering why your other devices are not working so hard. This food processor has a three-liter bowl (1.5 liter capacity) with cleaver, kneading tool, whisk and three turning discs for cutting and grating. It also comes… Read More »